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Nozz-a-la: For thirsty fans of Stephen King.

Coolhunting: Some very interesting stuff - any kind of stuff.

i want one of those: shop selling all possible stuff.

ThinkGeek: One more shop.

Clocky: An alarm clock that hides itself if you push on the "snooze" button.

Axbo: Again an alarm clock, but this one wakes you up gradually.

Fridge: Fridge webcam.

No wing: Video of a F-15 landing without its right wing.

Ted Goff: One new cartoon each day.

Animal: The drummer of the Muppet Show.

Minuscule: Homepage of a hilarious and really really well done cartoon series about insects.

Michael Bach's optical illusions

Spitfire: Build your own Spitfire!

A different clock: A reaaally weird clock.

My Place: A funny bar in Zurich, where you can buy any furniture you see in there.

Top 40 demotivational posters: Funny posters.

GraphJam: Some funny graphs.

Jam Legend: Guitar Hero clone running in your browser.

Village of Joy: Weird facts and pictures... .

Tim Flach Photography: Nice/interesting pictures of animals.