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Bruce Schneider's blog: The guy who invented the Blowfish encryption algorithm.

How DES encryption works

How stuff works

Krugle code database

system76: A great shop where to buy Linux-based machines (with or without OS).

Passmark software: CPU benchmarks.

The Poster: Free poster about the history of informatics.

Oracle-base: How to install Oracle 11 on Fedora 9 (FC9).

DynDNS: DynDNS service.

IOzone tips

Apache & SSL: How to install SSL certificates on Apache.

Apache & Webdav: How to install Webdav for Apache.

Webdav & Windows: How to connect to Webdav servers in Windows. How to set up Postfix on Gentoo.

MultimediaWiki: Very useful MPlayer FAQ.

Understanding GlusterFS volume files

Open invention network