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Guru99 Linux tutorials: Great tutorials about Linux (mostly for beginners - but e.g. the tutorial about "regex" can be be handy as well as permanent basic reference). distribution comparison: Comparison of Linux distributions.

Gentoo security handbook

Gentoo wiki - NEW

Old Gentoo wiki backup 1 - English

Old Gentoo wiki backup 2 - German

German Gentoo wiki

Gentoo security

Gentoo on notebooks: German description about Gentoo powersaving settings.

Gentoo GCC upgrade guide

Parameters to be used in the variable CFLAGS of /etc/make.conf

Korn shell tricks

Basic Unix / Linux commands

Basic Unix / Linux commands by Guru99

AIX commands

AIX performance tuning

Tipps für Gentoo-Linux

Software-RAID HowTo: How to create and manage a software-raid in Linux.

How to resize SW-Raid partitions

Gentoo compilation optimization guide: Meaning of the CFLAGS & CXXFLAGS. A very good Linux forum.

Linux für alle: How to connect two Linux boxes through USB (Deutsch).

Homepage of Vladimir Brik: Ready-to-download-images for LiveUSB-sticks (Gentoo).

How to use multimedia keys: A description of how to map keys to programs or events. Linux network administrator guide. Linux sysadmin guide. Linux Kernel module programming guide. Linux filesystem hierarchy. Bash guide for beginners.

Arachnoid: Bash basics. Advanced Bash-scripting guide.

LinuxInsight: Explanation of files contained in /proc/sys/vm (filesystem flush parameters).

programmer Fish: How to install MS Office in Linux using Wine.

Compiz forum

Linux App Finder: Listing of Linux applications/programs.

BTRFS filesystem homepage

SATA Linux support: Support status of your SATA drivers.

Linux Kernel changelogs are (links continue like that) here and here:





Linux Kernel forum

List of GPS software for Linux

Instructions to configure PCI-passthrough in QEMU/KVM