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cplusplus: C++ language reference.

fb: A file viewer - contents can even be displayed as raw bits.

QT-Eclipse integration: How to integrate QT into Eclipse (C++ and Java) and plugin download.

Xavier Decoret: How to integrate the QT-plugin into Eclipse.

This and this: One more QT integration for Eclipse.

dlopen mini howto: How to use shared libraries in C++-code.

Universität Magdeburg: A good example of a C++ multithreaded OpenGL QT widget.

Steve Baker: Steve's guide to OpenGL lightning.

QT OpenGL multithread tutorial: One more tutorial about how to create a multithreaded OpenGL widget (did not work for me). Explanation of passing variables by reference (instead of using pointers).

OpenGL FAQ: Using fonts in OpenGL.

PHP manual

C++ coding standards: Many thanks to Todd Hoff