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12 - 17.Aug.2009: Open Air Gampel 2009

Preparing our new home before leaving.

An intermediate stop - the highway on one side, a street on the other side, a huge mobile antenna and construction site at the back, an un/load parking for trucks: probably the worst place where to have some rest.

We finally arrived - the first ones!

Starting not to feel alone anymore.

Training swiss military camouflage tactics while waiting for the concerts to start.

The only cloud we dared to show up during the weekend.

Finally in the open air area. Quite empty for the first concerts - an amazing feeling not to have to wait in the queue to get a beer.

Some concerts in the afternoon. Here "The Airborne Toxic Event" and "Disco Ensemble", which came just after "Wintersleep".

Often resting on Gampel's confortable ground... .

The serious bands slowly started to show up.

The Ting Tings



Kaiser Chiefs

Sunday has been really disappointing, boring and almost depressing - very few and small bands and everybody started leaving early.

But all in all we had great fun - it won't be the last time we visit Gampel! EEEEHHHHH!!!