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IATE: A really good translator. A good German=>Italian translator. Real-time map of almost all ships in the world.

Zurich ATC visual: Real-time map of air traffic over Zürich-Kloten/Switzerland/LSZH airport.

Zurich ATC audio: Real-time audio of air Traffic control over Zürich-Kloten/Switzerland/LSZH airport (Direct link).

Swiss trains: Real-time feeds of swiss trains position.

AuroraWatch alerts: Get notified immediately by email whenever major solar storms occur.

Allmetsat: A lot of weather satellite images.

JACDEC: Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre.

Time and date: Local time of different places around our planet.

High-Def Digest: Reviews of the video quality of Blu-Ray releases.

Shoutcast radios: Radios that can be recorded with song title and interpreter. A great site where to find informations about movies, posters, etc... .

Slimdevices: Squeezecenter software changelog.

Espérance ACTI: Aid and cooperation from Ticino to Indochina.

Wikipedia - Japanese honorifics

Tom Tom Live Traffic

Comparison of radiation doses

NAS Intel SS4200:
Google group containing useful informations about Intel's SS4200

Specs of the AT/Everex serial connector/cable
Specs of the DTK/Intel serial connector/cable